The Importance of Breathing Correctly

Peter Eves - Tuesday, March 16, 2021
As a healthcare practitioner for over 26 years, I am well placed to observe clients/patients breathing patterns. One thing has become obvious over that time and it is the fact that most people now seem to have a baseline of chronic stress that has become normalized. I observe this in their; demeanour, muscle tension, speed of speech, symptoms reported and most importantly, by how rapid and shallow their breathing has become. This breathing pattern has become their set point i.e., ...  read more

Considerations for a Therapeutic Approach to Tai Chi

Peter Eves - Thursday, December 03, 2020
There have been numerous studies done over the last few decades on the therapeutic benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi. If you perform a search on PubMed for Tai Chi you will generate 2,028 abstracts on the therapeutic benefits in just the last decade. Looking across all these studies it becomes obvious there are several factors that contribute to the therapeutic outcome. The most obvious is physical movement, however there are many more that add depth and better health outcomes ...  read more

Virtual Tai Chi and Qigong – The Real Solution for All of Us

Tara Brayshaw - Thursday, April 23, 2020
Firstly, I want to say “Hello” to all my JinLi family. How are you going? I’ve been challenged and I know I’ve had it easy compared to most in Australia. Time is very strange; the day disappears and I reflect on how long we have been “protecting” ourselves and realise it’s been a relatively short time. Maintaining physical, emotional and intellectual health is vital for us under normal circumstances, and is even more so now. We’re all trying to keep ...  read more

Tai Chi and Qigong – A Good Night's Sleep is a Movement Away

Tara Brayshaw - Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Can’t Sleep? You aren’t alone. Research by the Sleep Health Foundation, “Asleep on the Job: Counting the cost of poor sleep”, 2017 highlights that poor sleep is affecting 39% of Australian adults that are regularly struggling with their sleep. The 2017 study found that the number of sleep problems among Australians are 5-10% higher than when the Foundation published its first survey on sleep health in 2010. Sleep disorders contribute to diseases and injuries such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, ...  read more

Meditation - Take Control of Your Life!

Tara Brayshaw - Thursday, December 15, 2016
"THE BEST WAY TO GET STARTED IS TO QUIT TALKING AND BEGIN DOING" - Walt Disney  It’s 30 degrees in Melbourne and in a room overlooking the leafy garden of Linden Gallery, a JinLi class chill out and tune in. As they relax, they send their brain on a high intensity workout.   With every breath they focus attention, increase concentration, develop sensory awareness. In effect, they are growing and strengthening their neural pathways, or brain training.   In other ...  read more

Tai Chi Dreams – Music Specifically Designed to work with Practitioners’ Mind and Qi Flow

Tara Brayshaw - Friday, December 02, 2016
JinLi is proud to announce the launch of an incredible new music album specifically designed for Tai Chi practice – “TAI CHI DREAMS”. Tai Chi Dreams was created by musician and composer, Alf Klimek who composed the music tracks based upon classical, warm harmonic instruments utilizing White Noise in the form of natural sounds to assist in their calming nature. Whilst Tai Chi practice is precise in its structure and form, its movements also need to have a natural and ...  read more

Why JinLi Wushu-Tai Chi Actively Supports Victorian Seniors Week

Tara Brayshaw - Friday, October 14, 2016
Every year, JinLi Wushu-Tai Chi actively supports Victorian Seniors week to ensure as many senior Australians are exposed to the health benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong as possible. Tai Chi and Qigong have been practiced in China for centuries but it is only in the last 25 years or so that the West is finally recognising the incredible health-giving properties of these practices. Here is a short list of the scientifically acknowledged benefits: 1. Reduces blood pressure 2. Relieves ...  read more

Bad Boys Rock with Tai Chi and Qigong

Tara Brayshaw - Sunday, June 12, 2016
The stage-diving wild child of rock, Iggy Pop of The Stooges, credits 40 minutes of Qigong a day with staying on the road, staying sane and still having pecs at 65 years of age; Lou Reed, singer and guitarist from The Velvet Underground tamed his "rock and roll animal" by practicing Tai Chi for three hours a day; The American Grammy winning music producer, actor, rapper and leader of the Wu Tan Clan (rap group), RZA has trained in Kung ...  read more

Study: Tai Chi and Qigong Show Some Beneficial Health Effects

Tara Brayshaw - Friday, June 03, 2016
A review of scientific literature suggests that there is strong evidence of beneficial health effects of tai chi and qi gong, including for bone health, cardiopulmonary fitness, balance, and quality of life. Researchers from the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (Santa Barbara, California), Arizona State University, and the University of North Carolina analyzed 77 articles reporting the results of 66 randomized controlled trials of tai chi and qi gong. The studies involved a total of 6,410 participants. Of ...  read more

Study: Tai Chi on Psychological Well-Being: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Tara Brayshaw - Friday, June 03, 2016
We know that physical activity and exercise are supposed to improve psychological health. However, the question has been what if any, effect Tai Chi has on stress, anxiety, depression and mood disturbance in eastern and western populations. Eight English and 3 Chinese databases were used to collate forty studies totalling 3817 subjects that met the criteria of having at least 1 reportable psychological health outcome. Approximately 29 psychological measurements were assessed revealing that Tai Chi significantly increased psychological well-being including ...  read more

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