About JinLi Wushu-Tai Chi

JinLi Wushu-Tai Chi was founded in 2016 by Master Tara Brayshaw, after 4 successful years of running YuLong Wushu-Tai Chi in partnership with Professor Sun Han Xiang. JinLi is a boutique school providing the very best tuition and instruction to individuals and corporations with a high focus on personal development and wellbeing.

Furthermore, Jinli prides itself on:

  • having professional instructors fully-qualified and trained in China.
  • incorporating the Chinese Health Qigong System as standard practice in its classes.
  • teaching the official Chinese Wushu Association’s standard criteria for wushu and taijiquan gradings as part of its core curriculum
  • having consultants in the areas of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Psychology and Nutrition to ensure our class programs reflect the best outcomes for our students

Why the name "JinLi"?

JinLi means “to try one's best", "strength" and "Golden Carp". All of these concepts come together in the Chinese fable about little golden carp that would swim up the Yellow River. To continue their journey they had to get over a waterfall at Dragon Gate. Legend has it that those who tried hard, trained and practiced, leapt over the waterfall and were instantly transformed in to dragons. These dragons were known as fish-dragons or carp-dragons and signify endeavour and hard work. What does it mean? Simply, that no matter how small you are, if you really want something, with help and hard work, you too can become a dragon (successful).

At JinLi Wushu-Tai Chi we believe that anyone can achieve their goals with a little help, so we are here to help you jump Dragon Gate.

Our Philosophy

JinLi Wushu-Tai Chi’s philosophy is to provide the perfect mind-body exercise program for all Australians based on well-researched and tested guidelines from the best Sport Universities, Organisations and Professionals in China and Australia. Our classes are focussed on helping each and every student to reach their personal goal, whether that is to have an hour’s exercise, fun and relaxation, or to become the next National Champion.

Our Code of Ethics

All JinLi Wushu-Tai Chi INSTRUCTORS are expected to abide by the following CODE OF ETHICS:

  1. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every human being
    • Within the context of the activity, treat everyone equally regardless of sex, ethnic origin or religion.
  2. Ensure the student's time spent in class is a positive experience
    • All students are deserving of equal attention and opportunities.
  3. Treat each student as an individual.
    • Respect the talent, developmental stage and goals of each individual student.
    • Help each student reach their full potential.
  4. Be fair, considerate and honest with students.
  5. Be professional in and accept responsibility for their actions.
    • Language, manner, punctuality, preparation and presentation should display high standards.
    • Display control, respect, dignity and professionalism to all involved with wushu, taijiquan and qigong including coaches, officials, administrators, the media, parents and spectators.
    • Encourage students to demonstrate the same qualities.
  6. Make a commitment to providing a quality service to students.
    • Maintain or improve current qualifications and accreditation.
    • Seek continual improvement through performance appraisal and ongoing coach education.
    • Provide a training program that is planned and sequential.
    • Maintain appropriate records.
  7. Operate within the rules and spirit of wushu, taijiquan and qigong
    • The guidelines governing the sports of wushu, taijiquan and qigong should be followed at all times.
  8. Any physical contact with students should be:
    • appropriate to the situation
    • necessary for the students skill development
  9. Refrain from any form of personal abuse towards students.
    • This includes verbal, physical and emotional abuse.
    • Be alert to any forms of abuse directed towards students from other sources whilst under the care of JinLi Wushu-Tai Chi.
  10. Refrain from any form of harassment towards students.
  11. Provide a safe environment for training and competition.
    • Ensure equipment and facilities meet safety standards.
    • Equipment, rules and the environment need to be appropriate for the age and ability of the students.
  12. Show concern and caution towards sick and injured students.
    • Provide a modified training program where appropriate.
    • Allow further participation in training and competition only when appropriate.
    • Seek medical advice when required.
    • Maintain the same interest and support towards sick and injured students.
  13. Be a positive role model for wushu, taijiquan, qigong and the students.
  14. Respect each student’s right to privacy and confidentiality.


In return, all JinLi Wushu-Tai Chi STUDENTS are expected to abide by the following:

  1. Comply with the policies of the School and the requests of their instructor, which are all designed to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.
  2. All materials purchased from or supplied by the school are subject to copyright. Respect must be shown to the originators of these items and students may not copy them or give them to other people.
  3. All fees are payable no later than the second week of any given term. We request that students don’t force instructors to become debt collectors. Tuition is provided to students in a timely fashion so we expect the same courtesy from them regarding payment. If a student doesn't pay, they don’t play.
  4. Students are expected to treat their instructor and other students with courtesy and respect at all times. They are not to engage in abusive, harassing or rude behaviour, and if they are the subject of any such behaviour they must advise their instructor immediately.

One of JinLi Wushu-Tai Chi’s aims is to provide a happy, secure and positive learning environment for all its students. Any student who does not show respect for his/her fellow students, instructor, the school, or the arts of Wushu, taijiquan and qigong, may be quietly asked to leave the school in an endeavour to maintain this philosophy.

Low Cost Tai Chi at Docklands

EVERY Thursday morning 7.30 to 8.30am at The Deck on The Dock, 107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands
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Qigong POP-UP Class

The perfect way to manage the rigours of the Festive Season!!
Have Fun... Enjoy... Feel healthier and better about yourself...
Thursday mornings 9.30 to 10.30am
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JinLi Annual Tai Chi Retreat 2018

Don't miss out this year!
Friday evening 6th April to Sunday 8th April 2018
The perfect way to get away from it all... and "Yes", you can come for just a day.
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Qi Energy: Find the Force Within

Learn how to build, store and release the life force energy we call QI.
Sunday 25th February - 2.00 to 5.00pm
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JinLi Spring Break Practice Classes 2018

Prahran - Sunday 23 September - 9.30am
Reservoir - Sunday 30 September - 10.00am
Elwood - Wednesday 26 September - 9.30am
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JinLi an active supporter of Adult Learner’s Week 1 to 8 September 2018

JinLi Wushu-Tai Chi is encouraging adults of all ages in Melbourne to discover the transformative effect of adult education during Adult Learners’ Week from 1st to 8th September. All our Tai Chi and Qigong classes are open to new students wishing to discover more about these amazing arts.
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Free Tai Chi for Seniors during Victorian Seniors Week 7 to 14 October 2018

The perfect time to try Tai Chi and Qigong, meet other like-minded people, and discover the benefits of these ancient Chinese Arts developed as a tranquil way of keeping fit and improving your health.
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