Private Classes

Most of JinLi’s Instructors are available to conduct private classes. Individual tuition can be beneficial if you expect to be away for an extended period of time, find you are struggling to attend regular classes or would like to work independently of a class situation. You will need to contact our office to discuss your requirements.

Private classes will be conducted in a location that is mutually convenient to the instructor and the student. The class can be in a local park or a training venue however it should be noted that our instructors do not conduct classes in private houses.

A private class does not need to be one-on-one. If you have a small group of friends who would like to train together, please don't hesitate to contact us. Tuition rates are available through our office and are based on the number of participants and duration of the class. Fees do not include venue hire.

What You Can Learn - Tai Chi

The Taolu (forms or routines) component of our program starts with the Duan Wei Level 1 Yang Style Taijiquan Single Routine (we refer to it as Yang 9), and progresses to include the following:

  • Yang style 9
  • Yang style 13
  • Beijing 24
  • 32 Taijijian (Sword)
  • 42 Competition Taijiquan (Barehand)
  • 42 Competition Taijijian (Sword)
  • 18 Yang style Taiji Shan (Fan)
  • 36 Yang style Taiji Shan (Fan)
  • Sun style 73 Taijiquan (Competition routine)
  • Dong Yue style Taiji routines
  • Traditional Weapon forms including Jian (Straight Sword), Dao (Broadsword), Bung (Short staff), Shan (Fan), Qiang (Spear)
  • The complete Duan Wei Taijiquan program

What You Can Learn - Qigong

Qigong is incorporated in to all of our classes. We help Beginners settle in to the concept of Qigong practice by teaching the ShiBaShi Taiji Qigong Routine. At that stage we shift our Qigong focus on to the extensively researched routines published by the Chinese Health Qigong Association. Each of the routines has been optimised for health, relaxation and mind development, and include:

  • Ba Duan Jin (8 Golden Treasure Brocade)
  • Yi Jin Jing (12 Limbering Exercises)
  • Wu Qin Xi (5 Animal Exercises)
  • Liu Zi Jue (Six Healing Sounds)
  • Shi Er Duan Jin (12 Sitting exercises)
  • Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong Shi Er Fa (12 Step Daoyin Health Preservation Exercises)

Tai Chi and Qigong: A Look Beyond the Practical

LIVE Seminar Series
Fortnightly from August 2020
Suitable for anyone interested in learning more about the theory behind Taiji and Qigong
Numbers limited to allow for interaction
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Outdoor Tai Chi and Qigong Classes

Want to get outside for your Tai Chi and Qigong Classes again?
Are you Zoomed out?
Come to any of our outdoor classes... you'll be made more than welcome.
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Low Cost Tai Chi at Docklands

EVERY Thursday morning 7.30 to 8.30am at The Deck on The Dock, 107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands
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Qigong POP-UP Class

The perfect way to manage the rigours of the Festive Season!!
Have Fun... Enjoy... Feel healthier and better about yourself...
Thursday mornings 9.30 to 10.30am
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Professor Yang Yu Bing in Melbourne, Australia

9 to 17 May 2020
Qigong and Taijiquan Workshop Programs.
Private Lessons and Small Group Training Available.
A unique opportunity to learn from one of the most highly sought after Professors at Beijing Sport University.
All Programs and Training in English.
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Chinese Lunar New Year - Massed Taijiquan Performance - 1 February 2020

Join the largest gathering of people doing Tai Chi in the Southern Hemisphere - Saturday 1 February 2020!
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JinLi Summer Break 2020 Practice Classes

Prahran - Sunday 12 January - 9.30am
Elwood - Wednesday 15 January - 9.30am
Northcote - Monday 6 January - 12.30pm
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