“Tara is a wonderfully encouraging and positive teacher who really takes the time to support everyone who attends her classes. I enjoy the challenge of both Qigong and Tai Chi and feel relaxed yet energised after each class.”

"Lily & Tara at JinLi have played a critical role with my recovery from Lyme Disease. Since taking private lessons with Lily for tailored teachings for my health, my physical strength and energy levels have improved dramatically and continue to do so. What surprised me the most, is my confidence levels improving and connecting so strongly with Qigong and Tai Chi.
My doctor strictly advised I had to find the best Tai Chi instructor for my recovery, and I'm lucky that I did! I highly recommend JinLi, they have shown so much compassion and kindness for my health and their knowledge of Tai Chi is truly outstanding. I am now healthy and recovered from Lyme Disease and Tai Chi will forever be a part of my life."


“I was reflecting the other day that of the scores of teachers, of myriad subjects, that I’ve had in my life none has been better than you. So, please keep on doing what you’re doing; you might just be the best thing tai chi has going for it outside China.”

“During this time I have experienced a number of tai chi teachers. Some were wonderful to watch but lacked the capacity to communicate in words what they were so beautifully demonstrating in action. Others were kind and supportive in their words but were perhaps not at an advanced instructor level in their movements.
Tara on the other hand has a rare combination of exquisitely executed physical movements together with the capacity to describe in plain English what we should be doing with our bodies as well as explaining why – in other words, what the martial arts application (and the physical benefit) of each movement actually is.
And she does this with such a consistent sense of energy and optimism, clarity and patience, that it is impossible to avoid getting swept up into her enthusiasm.
Tara connects with each and every individual in her classes. She knows each person by name; she acknowledges each person’s efforts and supports each person’s achievements. She follows up classes by sending emails with further information; she encourages a sense of community by sharing anecdotes and stories; she is always on time, always immaculately presented; always totally professional.
It seems to me that learning tai chi is like learning to play a musical instrument: it takes time but the rewards are great. At first you feel clumsy and inept, but with practice the movements begin to flow as music does. To learn music you need a good teacher; to learn to love music you need a great teacher. Tara manages to teach not only the physicality of tai chi but its music.”

"Tara is everything you could wish for in a tai chi master. She looks after the individual and the group. Tara is supportive, knowledgeable and always giving to her students. Take a class and find out."

"I started my first Tai Chi class desperate to improve a knee issue and manage my mental health. A torn meniscus and worn medial cartilage in my right knee limited me to walking only a few kilometers, anymore and this would result in swelling and pain in subsequent days. I had been receiving chiropractic, remedial massage and Acupunture on the knee for over 18 months will little improvement, symptomatic relief only. My mental health issues involved chronic stress and depression. I was tossing up between yoga and Tai Chi to see if I could strengthen the muscles around the knee, Tai Chi was my choice.
My teacher, Tara helped me manage my knee during training and ensured that I didn't injure it further. I started to see significant improvement in the knee after six months of attending a weekly beginners class. Three and half years down the track, I am pain free and have walked distances of up to 10km without issue.
In terms of my stress and mental health, the qigong and Tai Chi have helped in that regard as well. Both are like a moving meditation and have both physiological and psychological benefits. I always feel better after attending a class. I have definitely found improvement in my health generally, increased flexibility and resolution of a number of joint issues. Knowing what I do now about the benefits and being over the age of 50 years, it is ideal for health and longevity.
The classes are friendly and welcoming, and all movement is done within your physical capacity. If you want to combine movement and mediation, Tai Chi and qigong are perfect. Because of my personal health improvement as a result of Tai Chi I have now embarked on the instructor training program with JinLi, and it is my hope to teach and help people heal, become more flexible and manage their stress as I have."


Low Cost Tai Chi at Docklands

EVERY Thursday morning 7.30 to 8.30am at The Deck on The Dock, 107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands
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Qigong POP-UP Class

The perfect way to manage the rigours of the Festive Season!!
Have Fun... Enjoy... Feel healthier and better about yourself...
Thursday mornings 9.30 to 10.30am
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JinLi Annual Tai Chi Retreat 2018

Don't miss out this year!
Friday evening 6th April to Sunday 8th April 2018
The perfect way to get away from it all... and "Yes", you can come for just a day.
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Qi Energy: Find the Force Within

Learn how to build, store and release the life force energy we call QI.
Sunday 25th February - 2.00 to 5.00pm
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JinLi Spring Break Practice Classes 2018

Prahran - Sunday 23 September - 9.30am
Reservoir - Sunday 30 September - 10.00am
Elwood - Wednesday 26 September - 9.30am
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JinLi an active supporter of Adult Learner’s Week 1 to 8 September 2018

JinLi Wushu-Tai Chi is encouraging adults of all ages in Melbourne to discover the transformative effect of adult education during Adult Learners’ Week from 1st to 8th September. All our Tai Chi and Qigong classes are open to new students wishing to discover more about these amazing arts.
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Free Tai Chi for Seniors during Victorian Seniors Week 7 to 14 October 2018

The perfect time to try Tai Chi and Qigong, meet other like-minded people, and discover the benefits of these ancient Chinese Arts developed as a tranquil way of keeping fit and improving your health.
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