JinLi at 1st Oceania Health Qigong Instructor Training Course

Thursday, July 14, 2016
JinLi at 1st Oceania Health Qigong Instructor Training Course

JinLi was honoured and privileged to have 6 members attend the 1st Oceania Health Qigong Instructor Training Course held in Melbourne recently. It was the first time this course was conducted outside of China and was run by Health Qigong Australia and TCA in conjunction with the International Health Qigong Federation.

The course was conducted by the world’s leading exponent of health qigong, Professor Xiaojun Wang of Beijing Sport University, with Professor Hua Hua of Wuhan Sport Institute and Professor Wei Sheng Min of Shijiazhuang Institute. The course ran over 4 intensive days and included seminars on theory and philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and practical sessions on Liu Zi Jue (The 6 Healing Sounds Health Qigong) and Health Qigong Exercise Therapy for Stress and Hypertension. The last day focussed on practice and assessments.

We were delighted to all be awarded Certificates of Completion by Chang Jian Ping, President Chinese Health Qigong Association and Vice President International Health Qigong Federation.

Attendance at these programs is vital to our instructors as it provides us with the most up-to-date research in the fields of Qigong and Allied Health, along with ensuring we continue to meet the high standards we guarantee to provide to our students and clients.

We would like to thank Master Han Jin Song for organising and allowing us the opportunity of participating in such an amazing, stimulating and challenging program.