Happy Lunar New Year to Wushu Practitioners Around the World – It’s the Year of the Pig

Thursday, January 24, 2019
Happy Lunar New Year to Wushu Practitioners Around the World – It’s the Year of the Pig

As wushu practitioners, hopefully you made the most of last year’s Dog Year, and can now reap the rewards in this Earth Pig Year. The Year of the Pig commences on 5th February this year, so make sure you have everything in order before then.

The Pig is the last of the zodiac animals. According to mythology, the Jade Emperor sent a notice inviting animals to compete for a position in the zodiac. The Pig had stopped to eat and rest along the way, as was his nature, so he crossed the line last. In line with how the Pig approached the race, so are the predications for the Pig Year of 2019. Essentially it’s going to be a great year to make money, be happy, spend time with friends and family, and generally enjoy life. If you worked hard last year, now you can have some fun. That said, it’s not a time to sit on your laurels or to take risks. If you consider your actions in all aspects of your life you will be well-rewarded.

However, while the Lunar New Year Festival is a time of great celebration for Chinese people around the world, there are some things you should never do during Festival time. Following these principles will guarantee that fortune smiles on you for the Year of the Pig, so why not try them irrespective of whether you are Chinese or not:

1.Don’t Say Negative Words
When talking to people don’t use words like empty, sick, poor, bad or sad. It is believed that saying these sorts of words bring those misfortunes on you and your family.
It’s also good to try and spend a couple of weeks seeking out the positive... try it!

2.Don’t Break Things
Breaking things is said to break your connection with good fortune. So, be especially careful during the festival. If you do break something, quickly wrap it in red paper, say a prayer for peace and don’t throw away the broken pieces until after the New Year.

3.Don’t Clean or Sweep Anything
Prior to the Festival you need to make time to clean everything... to sweep away bad luck. Then, for the duration of the Festival you shouldn’t do any cleaning or throw away rubbish as you may be getting rid of the good luck that is coming in with the New Year. If you need to clean a floor the sweep from the outside inward, and as with breakages, don’t throw rubbish away until after New Year. It’s a great discipline to not make mess or dirt, plus it will help focus on you minimising your rubbish... a great challenge!

4.Don’t Use Scissors, Knives or Sharp Objects
It is considered that using cutting implements may cut off your prosperity and success. This goes for hair cutting as well. So, how can you survive 2 weeks without cutting something? Have a think about it and enjoy working out ways around it.

5.Don’t Visit a Wife’s Family First
If a wife visits her family on New Year’s Day it’s a symbol of there being something wrong with the marriage, which may then translate through to the whole family. This is a great way to resolve any arguments about whose family you visit first. Maybe you should consider having the same rule in your family to avoid arguments.

6.Don’t Ask for Debts to be Repaid nor Borrow Money
Asking to have money repaid during Chinese New Year may bring bad luck to both parties. By avoiding this, it allows everyone to celebrate without worrying. Also, don’t borrow money as you may need to borrow money for the entire year. Why not spend a couple of weeks trying to pay cash for all that you buy... your credit card will certainly appreciate it and it may help you learn how to budget better.

7.Don’t Argue or Cry
Try to solve all issues calmly and quietly. If you have to cry or see someone else crying don’t get angry with them. Let them cry. All of this will ensure a calm and peaceful year ahead. Perhaps we could all try not to have fights for the whole year. If you don’t agree with someone, quietly talk it through. Hear both sides of the argument and try to find a solution suitable to all parties.

8.Don’t Engage in any Medical Activities Unless Absolutely Necessary
Unless you are chronically ill, avoid doctors, elective surgery, vaccinations and medications. It is considered that engaging in medical interventions during New Year may lead you to being sick the entire year.

9.Don’t Disturb Someone in Bed Asleep
Try not to wake someone up during the New Year Festival. It may lead to them being harassed the whole year; and don’t wish them a Happy New Year until they are out of bed or they may be bedridden for the entire year. What a wonderful opportunity to sleep in and not be disturbed.

Make the most of Chinese New Year this year and try to change some of your habits for the better. The ideas embodied in the abovementioned list have been practised by the Chinese for thousands of years and will lead to a happier, calmer and more considerate year for everyone.

Gōng xǐ fā cái (恭喜发财) - May you have a prosperous New Year!