Workshop - Yang Style Taijiquan Biomechanics and Martial Applications Continued

Another workshop to learn a variety of martial applications for standard Yang Style Taijiquan movements, understand the biomechanics and help improve your health and skills while performing those movements in a routine.
Sunday 26th May 2019 - 2.00pm to 5.30pm - Albert Park
Places Limited SO BOOK NOW!

This sort of workshop is rarely seen anywhere in the world, hence participants from our first workshop requested another one.
It's an opportunity to understand your Taiji movements from a kinesthetic perspective. Furthermore, utilizing biomechanical feedback in learning the martial applications will improve your health and internal strength.
You don't need to have done the previous Workshop. This WORKSHOP is SELF-CONTAINED.

The workshop includes:
- Learning a variety of martial applications for standard Yang Style Taijiquan movements     
- Understanding the biomechanics behind each of the techniques 
- Comprehending how this knowledge will help improve your health and skills when performing those movements in a routine

The course will be conducted by
Raymond Lee (

BPhty, DipDNMyofTh, Grad Dip ManipTh, Accredited Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist, Accredited FFT® Practitioner, CKTP®) 

Raymond Lee (5th Duan) is the highest graded Kungfu & Taiji instructor with a Physiotherapy qualification recognised by the Chinese Wushu Association, and a two-time International Martial Arts Hall of Honours Inductee as both Master of the Year and for his excellence in teaching. Raymond has trained extensively in Hong Kong and the USA. Having such a rich background in both the martial arts and in physical health practices ensures you will not get such in depth tuition anywhere else.

Tara Brayshaw
Tara Brayshaw (5th Duan in Wushu and 3rd Duan in Health Qigong) has trained extensively both here and in China with such notable teachers as Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang, Professors Men Hui Feng, Kan Gui Xiang, Yang Li, Liu Yu Ping, Wang Xiao Jun and Liu Xiao Lei. She has been a Nationally Accredited Sporting Coach, underwent the Beijing Sport University Taijiquan Coach Accreditation Program and the International Health Qigong Instructor Program. You will definitely benefit from her knowledge and warm, generous teaching skills.
When: Sunday 26 May 2019 

Time: 2.00 to 5.30pm 
Where: Sea Scout Hall, 7 Aquatic Drive, Albert Park
Cost: $145 for JinLi, Welby & WTQA Members | $165 for Non-members

About the Workshop

This workshop is designed to help you learn more martial applications and biomechanics behind a select group of the most commonly used and recognised Yang Style Taijiquan movements. From this knowledge, you should be able to apply the principles to nearly all of your Yang Style practice, improving your form, health and internal strength while having a better understanding of how to apply the 10 Important Principles of Yang Style Taijiquan through practical experience.

Please Note: There will be physical contact throughout the workshop but no aggressive movements and no throws.

Workshop is definitely suitable for both Beginner and Advanced Students.  



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