Workshop - A Detailed Look at Horsetail Whisk (Fuchen)

Introduction to the Horsetail Whisk as a martial arts weapon
Sunday 17th June 2018 - 2.00pm to 5.30pm - Albert Park
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A truly unique opportunity to learn about one of Chinese Martial Arts' most unorthodox weapons... one that has been steeped in mystery for centuries.

The workshop includes:
- An introduction to the Horsetail Whisk as a martial arts weapon
- Detailed foundation skills training and Techniques specific to the use of Horsetail Whisk
- Integration of those skills into a short Yang Style Taiji Routine

The course will be conducted by Raymond Lee (

BPhty, DipDNMyofTh, Grad Dip ManipTh, Accredited Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist, Accredited FFT® Practitioner, CKTP®)


Raymond Lee (5th Duan) is the highest graded Kungfu & Taiji instructor with a Physiotherapy qualification recognised by the Chinese Wushu Association, and a two-time International Martial Arts Hall of Honours Inductee as both Master of the Year and for his excellence in teaching. Fuchen is Raymond’s favourite weapon having trained extensively in its use both in Hong Kong and the USA. He believes it is the embodiment of Taiji, presenting both Yin and Yang in the weapon itself, and the energy cultivation derived from its use. Having such a rich background in both the martial arts and in holistic health practices ensures you will not get such in depth tuition anywhere else. We are extremely honoured and privileged to have Raymond agree to conduct this workshop for us.

When: Sunday 17th June 2018  

Time: 2.00 to 5.30pm

Where: Sea Scout Hall, 7 Aquatic Drive, Albert Park

Cost: $145 for JinLi & WTQA Members | $165 for Non-members



Download Flyer: Fuchen Workshop Flyer.pdf

About the Fuchen

The Fuchen (Horsetail Whisk) is an unorthodox weapon that truly combines the Yin and Yang with a hard handle and soft, whip-like tail that can be used to aim for pressure points and strike, block, deflect, attack, and more importantly, snatch an opponent's weapon then counter-attack. This is often a surprise to the opponent(s) in a fight or competition.

Traditionally, the Horsetail Whisk was used as an instrument for Taoist and Buddhist monks to symbolise cleansing of stress, evil thoughts and energy. They were sent out into the wilderness with the Fuchen and nothing else, to remind them of their vows and to use the tool to remove evil influences. However, over time many of the day-to-day objects that were found in monastic life also doubled as weapons. The horsetail whisk was no exception, being employed to protect both individuals and the monastery from attack using techniques taken from broadsword, straight sword, whip and dart.

This workshop is designed to focus on the martial aspects of the Fuchen, where you can learn to utilise it as a training tool and extension of your body to: develop body awareness, the ability to balance the Yin and Yang, find softness outside and hardness on the inside, focus on core strength and learn how to use the body more efficiently.

This workshop is suitable for both Beginner and Advanced Students.

Do You Need to Purchase a Fuchen for the Workshop?

You will need to have a Fuchen for the workshop. If you don't have one, we have the following available for purchase at special workshop- discounted prices:

Taiji Performance Fuchen
- Perfect for performance where appearance is paramount
- Black and white bound wooden handle
- White synthetic horsehair
- Red non-fray tassels
- Black woven net

Traditional Wudang Fuchen
- Specially designed for daily practice and performance
- Beautifully turned Jujubewood Handle
- High quality simulated natural colour horsehair (indistinguishable from the real thing)
- Exceptionally-crafted black woven net and band




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