Professor Yang Yu Bing in Melbourne, Australia

Postponed due to COVID-19
9 to 17 May 2020 Qigong and Taijiquan Workshop Programs. Private Lessons and Small Group Training Available. A unique opportunity to learn from one of the most highly sought after Professors at Beijing Sport University. All Programs and Training in English.

JinLi Wushu-Tai Chi in conjunction with Beijing Sport University, are proud to announce Professor Yang Yu Bing’s upcoming Qigong and Taijiquan Tuition Program in Melbourne, Australia.
The program utilizes Professor Yang’s expertise in the areas of Health Qigong and Traditional Taijiquan to its ultimate.

Professor Yang Yu Bing

Professor Yang is a Professor of Sport Health Preservation Teaching and Research, Chinese Martial Arts Institute, Beijing Sports University as well as being in charge of tutoring and supervising PhD and Masters students. He is a Guest Professor at the American International Medical University and Visiting Professor at the University of East-West Medicine.

Professor Yang has a lineage in Sun, Wu, Chen and Yang Styles of Taijiquan, Bagua Zhang and Daoyin Health Preservation Exercises and has done original research in Chinese Traditional Health Fitness, Taijiquan and Internal Martial Arts including being the creator of Taiji Xingchan Gong. Having previously taught martial arts to the Shandong Police Force in China he turned his practical and theoretical knowledge to good use having lectured and taught Internal Chinese Martial Arts including Taijiquan, Health Qigong and Daoyin Health Preservation in more than 20 countries including USA, UK, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Canada, as well as conducting numerous academic lectures at the University of Illinois (USA), New York University (USA), Indiana University (USA) and the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) to name a few. His interest in disseminating the benefits of the Chinese Martial Arts and Internal Health Arts led him to be the founder of Tai Chi and Qigong Institutes in both Belgium and Denmark.

We are extremely privileged and honoured to have Professor Yang travel to Australia and agree to share his vast knowledge with us.

Workshop One
Spinal Balance Chinese Health Preservation Exercises

This workshop is focussed on returning the spine to equilibrium using a set of specific movements to realign the spinal structure by relaxing, activating and repositioning it. As a result, this series of exercises can prevent and/or repair problems in the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral spine; as well as rectify issues associated with compression of spinal nerves and vertebral arteries due to scoliosis and/or dislocated and bulging discs.  

The knowledge gained in this course will be invaluable for anyone suffering from spinal problems or working in a profession that can cause spinal issues, as well as providing vital resource material for those working in the Chinese Healing Arts.

First Time ever Conducted in Australia

This workshop is suitable for both Beginner and Advanced Students

When:  Saturdays 9 and 16 May 2020
Time:  9.30am to 4.30pm
Where:  Northcote Uniting Church, 251 High Street, Northcote
Cost:  $350 for JinLi, WTQA & TCAA Members
            $390 for Non-members
            Includes lunch on both days
Enquiries:   Contact US

Workshop Two
The Thirteen Primary Techniques of Taijiquan (Comparing and Contrasting Yang, Sun and Chen Styles)

A unique program never conducted before, focussing on the 8 Primary Hand Techniques (Péng, Lŭ, Jĭ, Àn, Căi, Lìè, Kào, Zhŏu) including martial applications, which will help practitioners to control and move their energy (an absolute must for anyone practising Push Hands (Tuī Shŏu). This will be supported by an in-depth look at how to ground through the 5 directions to maintain constant stability and balance. All techniques will be compared and contrasted against the Yang, Sun and Chen family styles of Taijiquan.

A vital workshop for all Taijiquan practitioners who want to truly understand and master the core principles of the art.

Please Note: There will be physical contact throughout the workshop but no aggressive movements and no throws.

First Time ever Conducted in Australia

This workshop is suitable for both Beginner and Advanced Students

When:  Sundays 10 and 17 May 2020
Time:  9.30am to 4.30pm
Where:  Elwood Sailing Club, Ormond Esplanade, Elwood
Cost:  $350 for JinLi, WTQA & TCAA Members
            $390 for Non-members
            Includes lunch on both days
Enquiries:   Contact US

Workshop Three
A Detailed look at Professor Yang's Sun Style Taijiquan Short Form

Professor Yang created a Sun Style Taijiquan Short Form incorporating the most commonly used Sun Style movements. This workshop will go through the Short Form with detailed refinement of each technique so it is an ideal opportunity for revision or refinement of specific Sun Style movements. A perfect opportunity for practitioners to improve their Sun Style Taijiquan or perfect the Short Form.

This workshop is suitable for Sun Style Taijiquan Practitioners and those who have learnt Professor Yang’s Short Form.

When:  Thursday 14 May 2020
Time:  1.00pm to 4.00pm
Where:  Shimmying Flames Dance Studio, 25/1140 Nepean Highway, Mornington
Cost:  $70 for JinLi, Rising Moon, WTQA & TCAA Members
            $85 for Non-members
            Includes Afternoon Tea
Enquiries:  Contact US or
Bookings:   REGISTER HERE or Rising Moon Tai Chi

Workshop Four
Wu Qin Xi (5 Animals) Health Qigong Master Class

Many Australian Qigong Practitioners are familiar with the Wu Qin Xi (5 Animals) Health Qigong set. However, there is so much more to this set than simply copying the movements of animals and birds as developed by Hua Tua, the leading physician of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Professor Yang will give participants an in-depth understanding of the energetics within each movement, breath, sounds and how better to do the exercises to maximize their benefits including practical work. Please bring any and all questions you have had about this wonderful Health Qigong set and Professor Yang will answer them.

This workshop is suitable for Advanced Practitioners and Instructors

  When:  Friday 15 May 2020
Time:  1.00pm to 5.00pm
Where:  The Dance Factory Studio 4, 225 Swan Street, Richmond
Cost:  $130 for JinLi, WTQA & TCAA Members
           $145 for Non-members
Enquiries:  Contact US

Download Workshop Flyer HERE

Professor Yang is very happy to conduct PRIVATE LESSONS while he is here in Melbourne.
If you would like to further your studies in a one-on-one setting, or have a particular area of study you wish to explore further, please contact us.



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