Outdoor Tai Chi and Qigong Classes

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Want to get outside for your Tai Chi and Qigong Classes again?
Are you Zoomed out?
Come to any of our outdoor classes... you'll be made more than welcome.

The physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of our JinLi Family is of our utmost concern. To that end, in line with the new Victorian COVID-19 Restrictions, we will run a range of Tai Chi and Qigong classes for our students in local parks. These classes are easily and safely accessible, and are in addition to our Virtual Class program. This listing will be constantly updated based on level of interest so please check weekly to see where your nearest class is. If you would like us to arrange special additional classes, please let us know.

HAT and SUNSCREEN or PUFFER JACKET and GLOVES... Be prepared!! Don't forget your WATER, and if you are paying by CASH, make sure to bring the correct money as change won't be provided.

Please follow JinLi's Protocols regarding Your Health and COVID-19. DOWNLOAD HERE.

NORTHCOTE - Taiji and Qigong

When: Tuesdays 2 June to 7 July 2020

Time: 11.30am to 12.30pm

Where: Batman Park, Cnr. Arthurton & St Georges Roads, Northcote (Meet just inside the main gate)

Cost: $10 per session (Unless this is a substitute for classes already paid for)

Parking: There is plenty of free parking on Elm Street and Arthurton Road.

Public Transport: If you are travelling by public transport you can get a No. 11 Tram up St Georges Road, a 508 Bus along Arthurton Road, or if you are travelling by train get off at Northcote Station and walk 400m.

What: Ba Duan Jin Health Qigong, Shibashi Taiji Qigong, Yang 9 and Beijing 24 Taijiquan

ALBERT PARK - Taiji and Qigong    

When:    Thursdays 4 June to 9 July 2020

Time: 11.15am to 12.15pm

Where: Scout Lawn, 7 Aquatic Drive, Albert Park (next to the Sun Restaurant)

Cost: $10 per session (Unless this is a substitute for classes already paid for)

Parking: There is paid parking in Aquatic Drive or free parking in Albert Road and the surrounding side streets.

Public Transport: If you are travelling by tram get a No. 112 Tram down Clarendon Street or any trams and buses along St Kilda Road and walk approximately 15 minutes.

What: Ba Duan Jin and Yi Jin Jing Health Qigong, Shibashi Taiji Qigong; Yang 9, Yang 13, Beijing    24 Taijiquan


For Any Enquiries: info@jinli.com.au


If you need any help on the day, please ring Tara on 0407 941 101 or Lily on 0402 963 045

We really look forward to sharing our love of Tai Chi and Qigong with all of you over the next few weeks despite the adversities. Hopefully, this will    transition us into being able to return to our regular classes. There is no doubt we've been through some difficult times but together, and using our    Tai Chi and Qigong knowledge, we can and will make the very most of it. Don't forget:

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills”

“Experience is a comb which nature gives us when we are bald”    


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