• Taiji Straight Swords - High Quality Hand-forged Steel

    Price: $139.00
    Blade Length (cm)

    - Hand-forged, hollow ground, full tang steel Qian Kun (tapered blade with central ridge) taiji sword made by the famous Long Quan Shen Guang Long Sword Makers    
    - Blade is rigid coming from the hilt, resolving to moderate flexibility (up to 90 degrees) in the last 1/3 however it does not flex like the wushu sprung blades    
    - Extremely well-balanced for magnificent feel
    - Handcrafted rosewood scabbard and handle
    - Hilt and trims on scabbard finished in antiqued bronze alloy featuring famous sword combat imagery
    - Blade engraved with the Shen Guang Long family chop and Taiji symbol on one side and the Little Dipper constellation on the other - emblems of high quality swords throughout Chinese history
    - Comes with a red sword tassel and padded, zippered carry bag
    - These swords are endorsed by the Chinese Wushu Association and are one of the best swords you can buy

    Each sword is handcrafted, so there may be minor variations in blade length.

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    Taiji Straight Swords - High Quality Hand-forged Steel