• IWUF Approved Competition Steel Broadsword (Dao)

    Price: $135.00
    Blade Length (cm)

    - Hollow-ground sprung steel blade
    - Spine crafted for a strong slicing sound
    - Perfectly balanced on the guard to maximize ease of use
    - Tip offers exceptional flexibility for good performance and snap
    - Steel Handle for smooth action with Brass alloy guard
    - Light weight for greater manoeuvrability
    - Designed specifically to comply with IWUF regulations for professional competition
    - A beautiful weapon to use for practice or competition
    - Chinese Dragon design on blade
    - Comes with a zippered carry bag

    The international governing body for Chinese Martial Arts competition, the International Wushu Federation (IWUF), has established standards for swords in competition. If you are intending to compete, please make sure you are using a weapon that complies with the regulations.

    For competition purposes, when performing standardised Dao routines, the Dao tip should be no lower than the top of the ear when held in the left hand. When performing Southern-style routines however, the tip should be no lower than the lower jaw.

    IWUF (International Wushu Federation) Sizing for Broadswords (Dao)


    <150 M1  70
    151 - 155 M2  72
    156 - 160 M3  74
    161 - 165 M4  76
    166 - 170 M5  78
    171 - 175 M6  80
    176 - 180 M7  82





    <150 F1 68
    151 - 155 F2 70
    156 - 160 F3 72
    161 - 165 F4 74
    166 - 170 F5 76
    171 - 175 F6 78
    176 - 180 F7 80

    You must be over 18 to purchase any weapon or knife product.
    Weapons are subject to purchase and ownership conditions which will vary according to State Laws. Currently, most Australian states do not require a permit for sword purchase and ownership however in Victoria you need to comply with the Control of Weapons Act 1990. For more information please contact the Police Department in your State or Territory.

    For all Victorian purchases, you must provide us with a copy of your weapons permit/license and your current drivers license. These can be emailed to us at Failure to supply the necessary documentation will result in cancellation of your order. In the event of order cancellation, Jinli Wushu-Tai Chi Pty Ltd reserves the right to withhold any and all Paypal transaction charges associated with your order prior to issuing a refund.


    IWUF Approved Competition Steel Broadsword (Dao)