• Extendable Tai Chi Straight Sword

    Price: $59.00
    Blade Length (cm)

    - High-quality balanced sword (the best currently being manufactured)
    - Perfect for travel or when you are using public transport
    - Made of quality stainless steel
    - Soft-grip handle (very similar to standard swords)
    - Tassel ring
    - Clip-on metal cap
    - Comes with its own zippered carry case
    - Available in multiple blade lengths

    You must be over 18 to purchase any weapon or knife product.
    Weapons are subject to purchase and ownership conditions which will vary according to State Laws. Currently, most Australian states do not require a permit for sword purchase and ownership however in Victoria you need to comply with the Control of Weapons Act 1990. For more information please contact the Police Department in your State or Territory.

    For all Victorian purchases, you must provide us with a copy of your weapons permit/license and your current drivers license. These can be emailed to us at Failure to supply the necessary documentation will result in cancellation of your order. In the event of order cancellation, Jinli Wushu-Tai Chi Pty Ltd reserves the right to withhold any and all Paypal transaction charges associated with your order prior to issuing a refund.

    More About Taiji Straight Sword (Jian) 
    The “Jian” or straight sword is not only the most common weapon in the traditional Chinese martial arts, but also a very special one. It is used in almost every style of wushu and as such, the techniques have been refined to the highest level. However, it also has great significance within the Chinese culture, being a symbol of morality and achievement hence its moniker of “The Gentleman of Weapons”.

    Chinese straight swords are double-edged and usually one-handed, although there are also larger, two-handed versions. They have small, roughly triangular hand guards. The blades usually taper very little in width and curve smoothly to the point.
    The famous Taiji families, Yang and Wu, were involved in military officer training and taught jian techniques to their students, hence the strong connection between Taiji and Jian. The routines in those times were designed purely around the use of the sword as an effective weapon in armed combat and it wasn’t until much later that it was practised for its health benefits. In 1957, the famous martial arts master, Li Tianji was asked to create a simplified version of the Yang Style Taiji Sword and gave the world “32 Taijjian”, the most popular Taiji Jian routine in the world today.


    Extendable Tai Chi Straight Sword