• Tai Chi/Wushu Training Pants

    Price: $29.50

    - Specially designed and manufactured
    - 100% silk/cotton blend so they hang and move well
    - Elasticised waist with drawstring
    - Elasticised cuffs
    - Gusset in larger sizes to enable complete flexibility and comfort
    - Only available in Black

    - Light-weight silk blend crepe fabric that hangs and moves well
    - Low-iron - just pack and go
    - Elasticised waist with drawstring
    - Elasticised cuffs

    - Light-weight satin fabric (with a delightful sheen)
    - Low-iron so just pack and go
    - Elasticised waist with drawstring
    - Elasticised cuffs

    Sizes are Chinese so please consider this when ordering. We would recommend choosing at least 1 size larger than normal or select a WIDE fitting.  

    Why do we wear training pants when practising Tai Chi?
    The peasants in China did not officially gain the right to wear silk clothing until the 1600's, but martial arts practitioners, many of them monks and nuns in Buddhist and Taoist monasteries, wore silk robes throughout all their daily activities, including kung fu and tai chi practice. Taiji philosophy predates the martial art of taijiquan by thousands of years, and it is likely that these early philosophers wore silk robes daily as well.

    In modern day training, the wearing of silk has been replaced by cotton or a cotton/silk blend due to the prohibitive cost of pure silk. However, Tai Chi/Wushu pants still need to be strong, durable and loose fitting. The pants should allow for deep stances, high kicks, and repetitive movements in training. They also need to be flowing, like the arts themselves.
    In addition, the internal arts such as Baguaquan, Taijiquan, Bajiquan and Qigong practice have the need to mobilize Qi as an important goal. Qi travels along meridians (energy channels), which are close to the surface of the skin, so clothing that sticks tightly to the skin hinders the flow of Qi, hence the need to wear loose-fitting clothing as opposed to leggings or skins.
    Tai Chi/Wushu Training Pants