Tai Chi Dreams - By Alf Klimek

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Tai Chi Dreams – is a series of musical tracks based upon classical, warm harmonic instruments, which utilize White Noise in the form of natural soundsto assist in their calming nature.

Its origin stems from the “Dream Baby Dreams” production by Alf Klimek; a series of music tracksemploying White and Pink Noise, Heartbeat and Isochronic Tones to induce sleep in very young babies by bringing them back to the safety of the womb.

By chance Tai Chi Master, Tara Brayshaw was given a copy of “Dream Baby Dreams” and decided to play it while practicing Tai Chi. She was “blown away”by how seamlessly it synchronized with the spirit and essence of Tai Chi and opened up a whole new world in terms of integrating music and Qi flow, anarea that has not really been explored in standard Tai Chi Music.

With some minor and major modifications “Tai Chi Dreams” is the result. Most songs are set at 60 Beats per minute and the fastest is 75 BPM. 60-100 BPMis the normal resting heart rate of adults.

Whilst Tai Chi practice is precise in its structure and form, its movements also need to have a natural and organic flow. “Tai Chi Dreams” calming tonesmask the real work being done below the surface, creating a calming and hypnotic mood to help slow the heart rate and support the precision of the TaiChi form, at the same time listening to truly beautiful, original classical music.

The first and last compositions are primarily meant for warm-up and cool-down but can also be used for longer routines and forms. The remaining six tracksare slightly longer than six minutes allowing the practitioner to use them for nearly all Tai Chi Routines.

By: Alf Klimek

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Tai Chi Dreams - By Alf Klimek