Duan Wei Yang Style Taijiquan Series 1 (Yang 9) Video

Duan Wei Yang Style Taijiquan Level 1 (Yang 9) Video

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- Yang 9/Duan Wei 1 Yang Style Taijiquan Video    
- Chinese Wushu Association Duan Wei Standardised Yang Style Taijiquan Level One Program
- Full routine (front and back views) then movement-by-movement break-down
- Hand forms, foot techniques, push hands routines, martial applications
- Duan Wei Yang Style Taijiquan Level 1 Duel Routine
- Performed and supervised by 8th Duan Professor from Wuhan University, China
- Running Time Approx. 21 minutes
- 16:9 High Quality format
- The perfect reference for practice at home and when trying to learn the routine

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Duan Wei Yang Style Taijiquan Level 1 (Yang 9) Video