Wushu Canvas Art Bags

Canvas Wushu Art Bags

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- Bags made from 100% cotton canvas fabric
- Sturdy construction
- Stitched-in medium length carry handles
- Gusseted for practical use

1. “Snake Creeps Down” (Inscription reads "Tai Chi") - 37cmH x 34cmW

2. "Single Whip" (Inscription reads "Tai Chi") - 37cmH x 34cmW

3. “HongShe” (Inscription reads "Tai Chi") - 37cmH x 34cmW

4. "Feng Jian" (Inscription reads "The sword energy spans 10 million miles. The shine of one sword chills the 19 continents") - 38cmH x 34cmW

5. “Starlight Spear” (Inscription reads "Silver spear with the stars and moon") - 40cmH x 34cmW (Image on both sides of bag)

6. “The Thorn Princess” - 40cmH x 34cmW (Image on both sides of bag)

Made from high quality canvas, our tote bags feature designs of women performing different movements of Wushu and Tai Chi. Perfect for transporting your gear to and from classes, making a fun fashion statement or taking a little bit of the Chinese Martial Arts with you wherever you go! 

More about our Arts in Art
Though unconventional, artistic depictions of Chinese martial arts date back to the inception of the styles themselves. Chinese artists however preferred to paint more traditional and “dignified” subject matter, instead painting landscapes, portraits of nobility and of course, calligraphy. Any paintings of martial arts were generally instructional, a painting of each movement assigned to a number, they were not intended to convey any artistic intention. An interesting juxtaposition, as it has been commonplace through many dynasties to favour capturing the feeling of the subject matter over any kind of realism.  

Through the 18th and 19th Centuries however, artistic renderings of martial arts boomed due to increased trade between China and the West. Through the port city of Canton, the two cultures became more familiar and exposed to one another, and in turn demanded a means to demonstrate and bring their stories of a beautiful and strange new world to life for their families back home. Today’s historians are benefiting enormously from the collections of wealthy merchants during this period. It has given them a window to the introduction of China to the west and has also inspired artistic and cultural development of the Chinese martial arts around the world.

Today, we are blessed with a burgeoning industry of artists wanting to depict our arts as art. Let’s hope it continues for many centuries to come.

Canvas Wushu Art Bags
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