• Taiji Qigong Kungfu 3-section Stick/Bàng

    Price: $72.00
    Wood Type

    - 120cm length x 2.5cm diameter
    - Each section is 40cm in length
    - Total weight approximately 550grams
    - Brass screw-in fittings
    - Each stick comes complete with carry case
    - Open ends mean the stick could be cut-down if required
    - Available in Redwood (a wood similar to rosewood), or Pheasant Tail (Jichimu) Wood (a dark wood like Wenge, popular in Chinese furniture making)

    This beautifully finished 3-section stick is the perfect travelling companion, whether on public transport or air travel. Designed with some weight in it to help develop a better sense of energy, power and strength, it is something you will treasure for the rest of your life. Whether you are a Baguazhang, Shaolin, Damo, Wudang Tiger Tail, Taiji or Qigong practitioner the feel and even-weighted balance of this stick won’t disappoint.
    Please Note: Due to its 3-section design, this stick is not suitable for contact or fight practice as the connections create an inherent “weak point” in the stick.
    More About the Stick (also known as Duǎn Gùn, Bàng, Zhàng, Short Staff, Cane or Rod)
    The Stick (commonly 13 hands in length) is the oldest weapon known to man. Picked up in the forest to strike animals or to ward off invaders, the Stick continued to be used by peasants throughout the ages as an affordable, accessible means of self-defence. Wushu practitioners turned the use of this weapon into an art form and today we see it being used not only as a martial weapon, but also as a way of cultivating internal energy and wellbeing through both the martial arts and Qigong – a simple weapon with a complex history.
    One of the highly popularised uses of the stick today is in the Chinese Health Qigong Association’s Tàijí Yǎngshēng Zhàng Exercise. This routine is said to have been recovered from a Han Dynasty Tomb dating between 206BCE and 220CE. It is the combination of “Tàijí” (the unity of Yin and Yang, human and nature) with health preservation "Yǎngshēng". Using the stick, the routine is designed to massage internal organs, stimulate pressure points, stretch muscles and tendons, and strengthen joints.
    Taiji Qigong Kungfu 3-section Stick/Bàng